Tables & Desks

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Surfaces are a vital part of any lab, workspace, or classroom environment. We carry a variety of work surfaces so that you can find the best solution for your needs:

  • Fixed Tables - Not necessarily permanent, but better suited for static use in one location.
  • Mobile Tables - Ideal for moving around the classroom, or across campus!
  • Adjustable Height Tables - Perfect for sit-stand environments, physics classrooms, and more.
  • Folding Tables - Easy to store when not in use, and designed to be portable.
  • Desks - We carry a variety of instructor and lab assistant desks in this category
  • Workbenches - Heavy duty, industrial surfaces for all types of applications
  • Workstations & Labs - Often fully equipped with fixtures, with large surfaces, but a few mobile option too.

Be sure to check out our complete PDF catalog for our full lines of table options.  Reach out to our experts today who can help you select the best table for your needs!